To: Adv. Charles Ledwaba
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To: Adv. Charles Ledwaba

12 March 2021


However, the Amended Policy refers to referral and approval of the admission application to the HOD and does not make provision for the inclusion of the role of the DBST. [...] The admission policy of an public school must make a copy of the guide and support an SGB in the ordinary school must be consistent school's admission policy available to the event that the school’s draft with the Constitution of the Republic Head of Department for approval.” admission policy falls short of of South Africa, 1996, the South compliance. [...] The Head of Department must co- The inclusion of the amendment is We recommend that clause 8 be ordinate the provision of ordinary public concerning as it creates a distinction amended to state the following: schools and the administration of the between learners of compulsory admission of learners to ordinary public school going age and other learners, “8.1. [...] The school must make the responsibility on the principal of the 22 admission policy and the code of conduct school and does not include the role “14.1 A parent must complete an for learners of the school available to a and obligation of PEDs and education application form for admission, which parent at the written or oral request of such districts. [...] statement (in the form of an her country of origin or a handwritten Accordingly, any document which Affidavit) about the age of a learner confirmation of birth issued by the provides proof of the learner’s age is to the principal of the school, and Admission of learners who are not South appropriate and the learner should be the documents contemplated in African citizens.


Equal Education Law Centre