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Claiming Your Rights - A Manual for Ordinary People - (Version #8, June 2021)

23 June 2021


Page 11 If an officer asks you for a bribe then: - Ask him/her to show you where the fee is written down (to highlight it as illegal); or Say you'll happily pay the fee, if he gives you a receipt (also to highlight its illegality); or Repeat his request loudly, so that others in the vicinity hear, and he is embarrassed; or If he/she persists, note the details of the interaction in a way th. [...] After the meeting: - Record what happened including: - Date & time of meeting; The name and designation of the officer you met; What was said / the result of the meeting; Keep the 'received' copy of any application; and Any follow up you intend to take (on the appropriate date in your diary). [...] As that time approaches, give the officer a call, to remind him of the time frame and to keep a little pressure on him! If your application is not successful, after waiting the reasonable time, it's good to apply a little pressure on the government officer. [...] Complaining once again to the original officer where you applied; Using the government grievance redressal system (here); Complaining to the higher officer (see pink 'Where to Complain' column); or Lodging a Right To Information (RTI) application to Dep’t where you applied on-line or in writing (example below); or Contacting an NGO which is active in that field (such as Justice Ventures. [...] ; and • EFICOR It is copyrighted under Creative Commons, meaning that if you like the material, you are free to use it in any way that is not for profit, as long as you attribute the work to the 2 groups above, and allow others to freely use your work.


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