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OCASE Data Quality Toolkit - Best Practices and Checklists

31 July 2020


This should be the first person 2c they go to with questions about: • how to use OCASE or record their activities in the system • any computer, password, connection or access issues Note: someone should always be assigned the role of the OCASE ‘designated’ person STEP Within 24 – 72 Follow-up with the staff person to ensure they are recording their activities 3 hours into OCASE on a regular basis. [...] 4 • Staff should review and proof the information entered STEP Review their OCASE documents to ensure activities are recorded correctly 5 Bi- weekly / • The same activity should be recorded the same way by all staff monthly persons • Meet with staff person to correct any data entry errors and provide additional training re: best practices in data entry STEP 6 Continue with “Best Practices for All. [...] weeks of staff • Ensure someone is trained in how to perform any other tasks and 4 person their documentation, that were completed by that departing worker leaving • Contact EBPU for support with reassigning more than 25 Service the agency Files STEP 5 Continue with “Best Practices for All Staff” workflow Other actions: • Confirm the integrity of the departing staff person’s data o Are all activit. [...] Agency 4 Support Exception Report) STEP 5 Correct all errors (as needed) STEP Continue with Best Practices for EDs and 6 managers FOR ALL AGENCY STAFF Best practices for EDs and managers P a g e | 9 Best practices for all staff STEP Ensure you record your activities in OCASE on a regular basis to meet agency Within protocols 1 24 to 72 hours • Double-check your entries before finishing the docum. [...] • Consider presenting monthly activity (status) reports to staff • Encourage staff to collaborate with each other – the entire agency benefits from the involvement of all staff STEP Ensure that all workers enter and verify all of their service activities • Develop and implement a strategy: 2 o to provide staff with ample time for entering data Weekly o for staff to review their own work or assign.


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