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The Economic Impact of Childhood Cancer - November 30, 2018

28 November 2018


The Economic Impact of Childhood Cancer November 30, 2018 The Economic Impact of Childhood Cancer The costs associated with childhood cancer make it a struggle for families to get by and meet their needs while also being able to get their child to lifesaving treatment. [...] THE FACTS: 1 in 5 CHILDREN who receive a new diagnosis of childhood cancer are already living in poverty of US families studied were not poor at the time of diagnosis and became poor during treatment for their child’s cancer 1 in 4 FAMILIES report losing more than 40% of their annual household income as a result of treatment-related work disruption—this figure doesn’t account for out-of-pocket exp. [...] Down the road, parents the $1,000 but you’re also out the 6-700 often face the implications they’re less employable dollars you’d make a week for work,” because of gaps in employment and the necessary – Father of LJ, diagnosed with leukemia. [...] Household material hardship is a concrete measure of poverty and includes an overview of the scarcity of food and energy (utilities), and housing insecurity. [...] The earlier a relapse occurs, the harder it is on the body and all the more difficult for a child to overcome.

National Children's Cancer Society