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13 September 2017


The Mentor Artist Fellowship is open to established American Indian and Alaska Native artists with at least ten years of experience who want to mentor an emerging American Indian or Alaska Native artist apprentice for a one-year period in either the Traditional Arts or Contemporary Visual Arts fields. [...] The Mentor Artist Fellowship is a monetary award of $30,000 — $20,000 to the mentor, $5,000 for the joint art project and $5,000 for the apprentice’s participation expenses. [...] I’m feeling a real compulsion to teach somebody.” And Mentor Artist Fellow Shirod Younker (Coquille, Coos) said in response to the mentor training, “[A] good way to build focus [on] what we are doing and think about the macro vision of the projects in conjunction with each other.” The Mentor Artist Fellowship’s goal is to improve creative development, artistic rigor, and intergenerational cultural. [...] About the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation’s mission is to promote the revitalization, appreciation and perpetuation of American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian arts and cultures through grant making, convening and advocacy. [...] To learn more about the Mentor Artist Fellowship and the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation — nurturing the passion and power of creative expression, visit:


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