2019 NEA - Annual Report - Nuclear Power in 2019 NEA Activities by Sector
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2019 NEA - Annual Report - Nuclear Power in 2019 NEA Activities by Sector

29 April 2020


• In Japan, further to the issuance of the Nationwide Map of Scientific Features for Geological Disposal in 2017, • In the Czech Republic, the Radioactive Waste Repository the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NUMO) Authority (SÚRAO), the responsible implementing and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) organisation, reduced the number of potential sites for continued public dia. [...] • In Finland, the Expert Group in Nuclear Waste Management (Posiva Oy), the DGR implementer, continued to demonstrate the feasibility of the disposal system in 2019, and was also preparing for casting the Presentation of a container for the storage of medium- end-plug of the demonstration tunnel at the ONKALO level long-lived waste at the Meuse and Haute-Marne underground research laboratory in Bu. [...] A part of the National Repository for to clarify the function of the copper canisters in relation to Radioactive Waste (NR RAW) in Mochovce, designed for the long-term safety of the repository before the proposed the final disposal of waste from the decommissioning of activities are approved. [...] Following in the path programmes were continuing their fast development mainly of Romania and the United Arab Emirates, Benin and in Canada, Europe, Japan, the Soviet Union and the United Montenegro opted to join the Revised Vienna Convention, States, focus was put on non-proliferation and the need to the CSC and the Joint Protocol and to therefore have treaty regulate nuclear trade. [...] that respectively took place in the United States and in The purpose of the enhanced nuclear third party liability the Soviet Union, gave impetus to a new and important regimes (i.e.  the Revised Paris Convention, the Revised momentum to enhance the international legal framework Vienna Convention and the CSC) is to provide better and a series of international conventions were adopted protection to.

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