cover image: ⋄ CODESRIA Bulletin Online, No. 18, June 2021 - The Struggle to Convert Nationalism to Pan-A



⋄ CODESRIA Bulletin Online, No. 18, June 2021 - The Struggle to Convert Nationalism to Pan-A

25 Jun 2021

No doubt it Accumulation the trans-Sahara trade on the west is a complex story of construction It is in the context of the trajec- coast and the Indian Ocean trade and destruction of cultures and cus- tory of capitalist accumulation that on the east coast of Africa—in toms; a story of the exercise of bru- I want to locate the genesis of the order to establish their mercantile tal power and subtle. [...] and the first half of the nineteenth bean and cotton plantations of the Two, the ideologies, religions, centuries, capitalism entered the southern states of America to pro- cultures and customs constructed throes of the Industrial Revolu- vide the raw material for Lancashire to rationalise, legitimise and ex- tion (1780 to 1840 by Hobsbawm’s mills, the pioneer of the Industrial plain the processes. [...] The post-independence Canga, li! thence to the metropole to satisfy development theorists—again, of We swear to destroy the whites, and the voracious appetite of the mas- course, of the West—considered all that they possess; ter’s industries and the luxurious these pockets of capitalist relations let us die tastes of its aristocracy and middle the driver of modernisation. [...] Few would see of the Black Folk, Du Bois said that cutting into the necessary con- The Birth of Pan-Africanism that the ‘problem of the Twentieth sumption of the ‘native’ crippled Century is the problem of the color the conditions of human existence We don’t have to be told that wher- line’. [...] In the absence of of the Industrial Revolution, so domination of the economy and the a local bourgeois class worth the the appropriation of resources and political hegemony of imperialist name, the agency to build the na- surpluses of the working people of ideologies and policies transmit- tion and bring about development Africa fuelled the Golden Age of ted by local proto-bourgeoisies, so would b.
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