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14 February 2021


We would also like to commend the experts in Serbia who agreed to participate in the assessment, despite the adverse political environment in the country during the period of the analysis and the refusal of the approached public institutions to engage officially with the analysis. [...] More problematic in terms of stemming the entry of corrosive capital in the region is the level of implementation of the existing national- level policies and laws at the level of public organizations. [...] Access to ownership information, IT systems and Anticorruption capacity of the public authorities One of the key identified deficiencies in the work of public institutions in the public procurement domain, which hampers the stemming of corrosive capital is the lack of comprehensive public overview of the ownership and other interests of the responsible individuals within the contracting authoritie. [...] However, the powers and resources of the police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the courts and the Agency for Management of Confiscated Property need to be strengthened to allow seizure and confiscation of criminal assets, including in the early stages of criminal investigations31. [...] It limits the time for decision making and the opportunity for critical assessment of the investment from the competent bodies, the Regional Development Agency of Serbia (RAS) and the State Council for the Economic Development, but also from the Government itself.45 As one of the experts interviewed for the current analysis noted, good (non-corrosive) investments rarely happen “out of the blue” an.


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