cover image: General business lists - Notices of motion - Senator Hanson-Young: Senator Faruqi:


General business lists - Notices of motion - Senator Hanson-Young: Senator Faruqi:

6 Jul 2021

(2) In the event the Minister fails to table all the documents requested in paragraph (1), the Senate requires the Minister for Youth and Sport to attend the Senate by no later than 9.30 am on 9 December 2020 to provide an explanation, of no more than 10 minutes, of the Government’s failure to table the documents. [...] [Formality not pursued on 13 May 2021] 869 Senator Faruqi: To move—That the Senate— (a) notes: (i) evidence provided by the Bureau of Meteorology at Senate Estimates that the global temperature is on track to rise by 3.4 degrees celsius by the end of the century, (ii) the enormous risks and challenges nations in the Global South, particularly in the Pacific region, face as a result of the climate. [...] 1180 Senator Sterle: To move—The Senate— (a) notes that the Premier of Western Australia, the Honourable Mark McGowan, has said the following regarding the failure of the Morrison Government to roll out an effective quarantine program: (i) ‘it is time for the Commonwealth to step up and is the only way to help reduce the risk further. [...] *1191 Leader of the Australian Greens in the Senate (Senator Waters): To move—That the Senate— (a) notes that: (i) total funding in the Women’s Budget Statement was only 4% of new funding in the Government’s 2021-22 Budget, (ii) funding commitments to the women’s safety sector are still less than one quarter of the $1billion per year the sector says is needed to meet demand, (iii) the Government’s. [...] 7 JobKeeper review Adjourned debate on the motion of Senator McCarthy—That the Senate— (a) notes that: (i) the Government said that the economy would 'snap back' after the end of the COVID-19 crisis, (ii) the Reserve Bank and Deloitte have forecast unemployment to remain at elevated levels for years, (iii) members of the Government are calling for the early end of the JobKeeper payment, and (iv) G.


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