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The economic gains of reducing the employment gender gap 1/21

4 June 2021


Why is Morocco’s female labour force participation so low? The low participation of women in the labour market is explained by a set of obstacles: gender norms, the legal framework, the structure of the economy and of the labour market, and the distribution of human capital. [...] The second imputed results from country Source: Author’s simulations based on the Multisector Model are based on data from the panel variation in economic growth and the relative Enterprise Surveys on the Investment Climate and Business Competitiveness in Morocco (ICBC), collected by the World Bank in collaboration with the Kingdom of Morocco and the High employment of women. [...] Because a significant part of the economic cost of the Policies that increase the enrolment rate and gender gap comes from human capital differentials, the first limit school drop-outs for women are needed step to capturing the economic gains of greater equality is to increase the enrolment rate for women and limit school drop- These could include cash transfer outs. [...] Policies which ensure the effective inclusion Policies that ensure the effective inclusion of women in of women in the labour market and which the labour market and support women in their work-life support women in their work-life balance balance are needed. [...] The authors wish to acknowledge the Department of Economic Studies and Financial Forecast and the Centre of Excellence for Gender Budgeting in Morocco and UN Women for their role in coordinating the study, as well as with the financial support of the French Development Agency.


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