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Wise Up - Prioritising wellbeing in schools

14 Apr 2017

We found that: students • 82% of teachers said that the focus on exams has become disproportionate to the overall wellbeing of their students • 70% of teachers agreed that the Government should rebalance the education system to focus more on the wellbeing of students • 91% of teachers would welcome greater recognition of the work that teachers do to support the wellbeing of their students • 73% of. [...] Furthermore, we believe the guidance should be issued on a statutory basis, to provide a blueprint of what the promotion of wellbeing must look like for schools Wise Up – Prioritising wellbeing in schools 17 An extension of the Healthy Schools Rating Scheme to include all secondary schools would provide recognition of the work schools do to promote and nurture the mental health and emotional wellb. [...] This is necessary to ensure that all teachers have the basic knowledge and skills to be able to promote the wellbeing of students and to respond effectively to mental health concerns56. [...] Recommendations to Government We are calling on the Government to rebalance the education system, so that the wellbeing of students is considered as important as academic attainment To tackle the mental health crisis in our classrooms, and to transform outcomes for young people, the Government must put wellbeing at the very heart of the education system. [...] Recommendation 2: The Ofsted inspection framework should be updated to emphasise 2 the importance of a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing in schools To enable the wellbeing of students to become an integral part of school improvement and development plans there needs to be a much stronger emphasis on mental health and wellbeing within the Ofsted inspection framework.
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