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BETTER WAGES, BETTER TIPS - Restaurants Flourish with One Fair Wage

13 Feb 2018

WORKERS Restaurant tipped workers in the 43 subminimum wage states depend on food stamps at 1.7 times the rate of the overall workforce and experience poverty at 2.2 times the rate, the numbers for tipped workers as a whole are the same.17 While restaurant workers comprise almost 81 percent of the overall tipped workforce, a substantial number of tipped workers are in occupations such as healthcar. [...] 10% Currently in OFW states, the median wage for restaurant tipped workers is MEDIAN $11.44, compared to $10.88 in New York, and $9.25 in states with a $2.13 subminimum wage.69 The bottom decile of restaurant tipped workers in OFW 90% states earn a median wage of $9.66, a wage five percent higher than the median wage in $2.13 states.70 Tipped workers, and tipped restaurant work- ers, in OFW states. [...] TABLE 1 Almost 18 percent of tipped workers live in poverty, over two times MEDIAN TIPPED RESTAURANT the rate of the rest of the US workforce.76 In the restaurant industry WORKER WAGE BY WAGE REGION the numbers increase to over 20 percent of restaurant tipped work- ers live in poverty, nearly 2.5 times the rate of the overall workforce.77 $11.44 OFW States In the seven states that have eliminated. [...] 26.2% Michigan 15.6% OFW States STATES TAKE THE LEAD IN RAISING AND PHASING OUT THE SUBMINIMUM WAGE FOR TIPPED WORKERS 21.1% $2.13 States Two states, Michigan and New York, and the District of Columbia, are currently examining raising the subminimum wage and joining the ranks of equal treatment states. [...] 26 Poverty rates of the tipped workforce in the 7 one wage states compared to poverty rates 5 Cross-tabulating the projected sales from endnote 4 with the civilian population data from of the 43 subminimum wage states, observing the percent differential and food stamp the United States Census Bureau to received sales weighted by usage rates of the tipped workforce in the 7 o.
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