Restaurant Opportunities Centers United


Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

Type Nonprofit
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2001
Location New York, NY United States of America United States of America
Budget USD 5M-19M
Functions Advocacy, Education and training, Research
Funding sources Member funded
Tags restaurants usa low wages
Summary The Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United, a national nonprofit organization, works to improve the lives of millions of workers in the restaurant industry across the USA. Providing training and professional development opportunities for restaurant workers is at the core of our daily focus. Facilitating upward economic mobility for people in some of the lowest paid occupations in the nation is an essential pillar of our mission. We also educate employers on improving the workplace climate, by providing tools that advance racial and gender equity and reduce on-the-job harassment of any kind. We advance the interests of restaurant workers by connecting people with ideas and institutions, while expanding and deepening our organizing efforts through local chapters.

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ROC: Restaurant Opportunities Centers United · 20 April 2020 English

0420 Health and Safety tips HEALTH AND SAFETY TIPS for restaurant workers during the COVID19 pandemic HOW CAN I BE EXPOSED? • The main way you can be exposed at …

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As one of the largest and fastest growing industries with an expanding supply of life-sustaining jobs, restaurants could offer a sustainable career ladder to thousands of people living in an …

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✚ T he proliferation of mobile payment platforms, combined with the trend-setting example of players such as Amazon, has led to an increase in the use of the subminimum wage …

ROC: Restaurant Opportunities Centers United · 13 February 2018 English

WORKERS Restaurant tipped workers in the 43 subminimum wage states depend on food stamps at 1.7 times the rate of the overall workforce and experience poverty at 2.2 times the …

ROC: Restaurant Opportunities Centers United · 23 October 2017 English

1 THE THE OTHER NRA’S EFFORTS TO STEAL TIPS SUBMINIMUM Through a series of court decisions, and the cooperation of the Department WAGE of Labor and Secretary of Labor Alexander …

ROC: Restaurant Opportunities Centers United · 23 May 2017 English

Puzder’s appointment as Secretary of Labor would have allowed the NRA’s ascendancy into the White 2 House and the Cabinet, and the NRA was one of the few groups to …

ROC: Restaurant Opportunities Centers United · 10 January 2017 English

On the contrary, under Puzder’s leadership, CKE Restaurants has been subject to multiple lawsuits for discriminating against workers and failing to pay overtime, and accused of firing workers for protesting …

ROC: Restaurant Opportunities Centers United · 24 October 2016 English

The industry includes more than 170,451 workers in 9,852 establishments.1 Over the last decade, the industry has grown to 8.5% of the local economy (see Figure ES1),2 contributing to the …

ROC: Restaurant Opportunities Centers United · 18 October 2016 English

A $12 minimum wage in Maine by 2020 would raise wages for 181,000 residents.2 The ballot proposal would also gradually eliminate the subminimum wage for tipped workers, currently set at …

ROC: Restaurant Opportunities Centers United · 23 September 2016 English

“The day shift, you aren’t [earning] much, but I couldn’t work the night, because I needed to be there with [my daughter], because she was young… But sometimes I did …

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