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23 Oct 2017

1 THE THE OTHER NRA’S EFFORTS TO STEAL TIPS SUBMINIMUM Through a series of court decisions, and the cooperation of the Department WAGE of Labor and Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, the National Restaurant Association is poised to take ownership of workers’ tips away from the work- ers who earned them. [...] In 1966 the FLSA position that the 1974 amendments to the FLSA established that tips are was amended to establish a the property of the employee.”6,7,8,9 In July of this year, in response to court subminimum wage for workers that challenges from the restaurant industry, the DOL gave notice that it intended “customarily and regularly receive to rescind this important regulation.10,11 tips,” general. [...] In 1996, as efforts to raise the minimum Unlike the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers the majority of states wage grew, the Other NRA under that require One Fair Wage — the same minimum wage for tipped and non the leadership of Herman Cain tipped workers — the states in the Tenth Circuit operate under the federal negotiated with Congress and the subminimum wage of $2.13 per hour with th. [...] Regardless, the Other NRA is using the conflicting court rulings between the Ninth and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeals to refile its appeal of the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision to the Supreme Court, and ask the Court to prevent the United States Depart- ment of Labor (U. [...] At the time, all restaurant waiters in the city were African American.36 By 1926, the restaurant industry lobby, with the assistance of the courts, was able to roll back all of the tipping bans that had been enacted and was able to once again have employees depend completely on tips and not provide any wages.37 During that same period, and with the advent of World War I, women entered the workforc.
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