cover image: Brain Injury Speaks Survey 3: COVID-19 Impact Survey


Brain Injury Speaks Survey 3: COVID-19 Impact Survey

2 Oct 2020

Two open-ended question were included at the end of the survey to provide respondents with the opportunity to comment further about their experiences, as well as what helped them the most during this challenging time. [...] Q uestion 1: Are there any support services that were not mentioned in the previous questions that you accessed/received during the COVID-19 social distancing practices? Please specify and provide as much detail as possible (for example, the type of service, the organization that provided the service, how you accessed/received the service). [...] A number of respondents described that the isolation from experiencing a brain injury had prepared them to cope with the isolation from the pandemic. [...] Table 1: Quotes that highlight the Brain Injury Supports and Services not captured by the quantitative survey questions Brain Injury Supports and Services Theme: Barriers to Service (Online Services) (Telephone Services) “Online groups to keep up with “Phone calls from the [local “I was just unable to get my services social skills development” Brain Injury Association] staff necessary to manage my. [...] These include physio, “Weekly physiotherapy video chiro and osteopath (which is the most conferencing for my brain injury “Since COVID-19 put a halt to beneficial treatment for me) and massage.” which involves regular the two meeting groups, the exercises” two social workers who ran “Did participate in a group for brain injury them phone each week to that continued to hold sessions post covid “Car.


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