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A CLPE booklist - Girl Detectives Booklist - Stories for junior sleuths

16 January 2020


Subsequent stories: Precious and the Mystery of Meerkat Hill 9781846972317 Precious and the Mystery of the Missing Lion 9780857905802 Precious and the Zebra Necklace 9780857908063 (ebook) @clpe1 A CLPE booklist Violet and the Pearl of the Orient by Harriet Whitehorn, illustrated by Becka Moor Simon and Schuster 9781471118951 When a precious pearl belonging to Violet Remy-Robinson’s. [...] Sequels: The Case of the Girl in Grey 9780440871187 The Case of the Counterfeit Criminals 9780440871194 Rose Campion and the Stolen Secret by Lyn Gardner, illustrated by JĂșlia SardĂ  Nosy Crow 9780857634863 Starting in a Yorkshire village and swiftly moving to Victorian Southwark and a music hall known as Campion’s Palace of Variety and Wonders, the characters and plot of this story have a Dickensi. [...] As the pace of the story mounts will Sophie and Lil, along with apprentice porter Billy and fugitive Joe be able to solve the mystery and avert a much greater disaster? The atmosphere of the era is beautifully evoked, especially the interior of the store and the elegant fashions. [...] The Catacombs of Chaos by Dan Metcalf, illustrated by Rachelle Panagarry Bloomsbury 9781512481853 The first of the Lottie Lipton Adventures featuring a girl detective who lives in the British Museum in the 1920s where she solves mysteries relating to objects in the museum. [...] The other titles are The Curse of the Cairo Cat (9781472911780), The Eagle of Rome (9781472927583), The Egyptian Enchantment (9781472911902), The Scroll of Alexandria (9781472911872), The Secrets of the Stone (9781472911841).


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