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A CLPE booklist - Books Focusing on Identity, Belonging, Conflict, Migrant and Refugee Experiences

17 June 2019


Elmer the patchwork elephant investigates the reason and works out a way to get the elephants and the hippos to work together to resolve the problem. [...] The only words in the story are a single sentence indicating what is happening to the body in the water in the first picture. [...] The poetic text ebbs and flows over the two tone illustrations which are an integral part of the storytelling and reflect the blue of the ocean and the night sky. [...] Sections on Home and Displacement, Family, Health, Work, School and Play provide a framework for the book and in each the relevant statements from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child are referenced. [...] Some of the background is conveyed in the text of his story and this is expanded on in notes at the end of the book.


Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

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