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COVID Safe Plan Australian Parliament House

7 Jul 2021

The ACT Government’s and school groups to experience COVID-19 Easing of Restrictions Roadmap parliamentary proceedings, the art (Stage 2.1) permitted the reopening of collection and the architectural design of galleries, museums, national institutions the building. [...] The Department of Parliamentary Services As such, the Speaker and the President (DPS) is responsible for the effective announced the cautious COVID Safe stewardship of the building and for reopening of APH to the public from enhancing the Parliament’s engagement Saturday 4 July and the recommencement with the community. [...] • free tours, exhibitions, events and Exercising an abundance of caution and visitor experiences after consulting with medical authorities, • paid tours and events, and APH was closed to the public during • the APH School Visit Program that parliamentary sitting periods in August, includes a one-hour comprehensive September and October. [...] In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and advice provided by health authorities, On Saturday 20 February 2021, the ACT the Speaker of the House of Government moved to a set of ‘COVID- Representatives (Speaker) and the normal’ restrictions as outlined in the President of the Senate (President) Recovery Plan. [...] The Plan • small groups of booked tours – both free and paid The COVID Safe Plan: Australian Parliament • school visits with groups kept separate House was developed in line with the ACT from other visitors and people working Public Health Direction (Restricted Activities – in the building, and Gatherings, Business or Undertakings) • events with rigorous COVID Safe Emergency Direction 2020.


Cullen, Hayley (DPS)

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