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8 March 2021


6 Female: 50% of Law and Religion through a The University of Texas at Austin .. [...] The law school n Black/African American, 9% is committed to strengthening our ties to the legal pr 48% 49% n Hispanic/Latino, 6% ofession and to leading efforts to address the changing needs of the profession and the clientsn i t U sneknrovwens, .5% n Multiracial, 3% Female students Female students percentages do not total 100 due to rounding EXPLANATION OF THE GRADING ON-CAMPUS RECRUITING POLICY:. [...] implementation of the Policies & Guidelines, the school’s Career Center A grade of F is failing. [...] A copy of the employment offer shall be forwarded to the Recruiting EthnicitWy ith Honors and students Manager of Emory Law’s Career Center (Carolyn. [...] C15RUITING AND PRIORITIES Days Open: 1L To position law students to 14 days Summer Offer be as successful as possible, their efforts during the first Days Open: 2L semester of law school should Summer Offer 14 days be focused on their studies and not their job search.