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Views of Interrelationships of the dimensions of developmental idealism and family life: evidence from Nepal

9 October 2012


It is important to note that many of the ideas of developmental idealism directly contradict many of the cultural ideas that the people of the world have had for hundreds of years. [...] Although the primary motivation of our paper is on the ways that Nepalis conceptualize and inter-connect the various elements of family life and the various dimensions of developmental idealism, our data also provide insights into the measurement reliabilities of the items. [...] Furthermore, for each of the eight family elements, the correlation between the developmental idealism dimension of development causing family change and expectations for the future were higher than all correlations between these two dimensions and the other three developmental idealism dimensions, with most of the latter correlations being rather small. [...] Interrelationships of Developmental Idealism and Family Life in Nepal 18 We took this insight about the interconnections between the dimension of development causing family change and the future expectations dimension further by estimating factor loadings for these two dimensions for each of the eight family elements on the assumption that the two dimensions of developmental idealism were measurin. [...] Earlier, we estimated the factor loadings for the two developmental idealism dimensions of development causing family change and for believing family change would increase towards developmental idealism in the future by assuming that the factor loadings equaled the square root of the correlations between the two variables (Table 4).




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