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Accredited Company Training Schemes - Developing your chemical engineering talent

20 May 2021


A relationship which delivers competitive advantage ■ confidence that company training meets the ■ professional accreditation of standards required by the profession company training scheme ■ improved graduate recruitment ■ recognition of company ■ improved staff retention commitment to the profession ■ through recognition of ■ regular review cycle to fuel ■ standards continuing improvement. [...] The reaccreditation process ensures that the training scheme documentation is up to date, the scheme is running effectively, the trainees are adequately supported, and the recommended changes to the scheme (if any) have been applied. [...] Scheme managers are contacted prior to the accreditation expiry date and should provide: ■ a copy of the current training scheme documentation; ■ a mutually agreeable date for the reaccreditation visit; ■ application forms and payment. [...] The ACTS documentation: ■ defines roles and responsibilities; ■ ensures a structured approach to training and development; ■ captures all training and development opportunities available within the company; ■ provides a framework to reveal gaps in current training provision and/or aspects of training which are not already formally documented; ■ defines development opportunities such as transfers a. [...] ■ key types of project work; Step 3 Preparing training documentation Your ACTS arrangements and supporting documentation should include the following: ■ general objectives of the scheme; ■ an outline of the training activities planned; and ■ roles and responsibilities of all parties involved.


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