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Appointment of Director

23 June 2021


led to scaling of the novel model to widen the We envision a robust, resilient, and gender- frontiers of our capacity development interventions, responsive agricultural innovation system working beyond African female scientists and to include to drive prosperity and food and nutrition security male scientists and emerging European scientists. [...] AWARD Training careers of Africa’s researchers and their capabilities AWARD Training has been a major actor in the to lead and influence the agricultural research and delivery of our interventions, taking a leading role development agenda in Africa. [...] about our mission, the Director advances our • Lead the development of guidelines on the agenda by creatively leading, managing, and implementation of ICRAF policies within the engaging target beneficiaries, partners and staff to AWARD context. [...] catalyze empowering innovation through the following activities: Leadership & Management Strategic Planning and • Lead, manage, coach and mentor culturally Implementation diverse AWARD staff, consultants and interns while ensuring that all AWARD units are • Lead the development and implementation of appropriately staffed, well led, and managed for AWARD’s Strategic and Operational Plans outstandin. [...] The data you provide us The role will be based in Nairobi, Kenya (hosted by with is securely stored on our computerised ICRAF) and the salary commensurate with the database and transferred to our clients for the seniority of the appointment.


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