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Innovative methods and protocols, results and recommendations addressing the monitoring of Land-Sea

26 November 2019


• the database helps analyze the inter-annual The development of a collaborative platform and variability of the stratification dynamics of the provision of data ingestion, quality control and coastal waters (5-40 m) under climate forcing, data management services has resulted in unified including the regional heatwaves of the 2003 and databases on essential physical and biological 2006 summers (t. [...] Local species targets can be added by climate-related impacts in Mediterranean MPAs MPAs, based on local monitoring needs, ease of and beyond, following the requirements of the recognition, interaction with fisheries, increase/ Ecosystem Approach and in the framework of the decrease in the area, potential impacts on the UNEP/MAP Barcelona Convention. [...] At the heart of the Guidelines lies the Conceptual The AMAre project has developed Guidelines to Model, which is a diagram that represents the provide standard models for the governance and relationships between the main drivers and management of Mediterranean MPAs, to improve pressures that have an impact on one or more their effectiveness, as well as to support the identified key targets of cons. [...] Methodological guidance to facilitate the B) To assist the implementation of its practical implementation of the tools guide to track climate-related impacts in Mediterranean MPAs and beyond, the MPA- A) Within the AMAre project the following steps ADAPT project clearly defined what is needed were defined to support the implementation of its in terms of infrastructure and materials, common monitor. [...] data can be collected, data that are necessary to The Guidelines defined by AMAre support the idea understand climate change and seawater warming of the establishment of standard management in the Mediterranean, and to support the drafting plans across all Mediterranean MPAs, which could and implementation of adequate management yield the following benefits: strategies by Mediterranean MPAs.


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