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Deloitte Report - 2017 Global Aerospace And Defense Industry Outlook

5 January 2017


addition to automation in the physical 13 Global aerospace and defense sector outlook Inc.’s US$35.8 billion acquisition of In 2017, global M&A activity is expected to How did the global A&D sector perform Precision Castparts Corp.53 Similarly, the recover as the political uncertainty in the in terms of shareholder return? number of M&A deals fell 20.0 percent to United States dissipates. [...] But, Russia has announced plans to challenge Saudi Arabia is highly dependent on the 17 Global aerospace and defense sector outlook United Kingdom (UK) France “ With the UK exiting With the UK exiting the European Union, Production in the French aerospace and there is uncertainty around the impact on defense industry is expected to rise the European Union, the A&D sector. [...] and an additional €800 million to meet capacity needs in order to reinforce strike capabilities, secure the territory and acquire supplementary resources for cyber defense and intelligence.”96 In this context, should the requests be validated, the Ministry of Defense budget would total €35.2 billion in 2019, up by more than €2.0 billion compared to the 2019 budget stipulated in the 18 Global aeros. [...] in the US reflect expectations of higher makes to key White House and cabinet The economic impact is already reflected inflation, owing to fiscal stimulus that positions, uncertainty in the UK is likely to in the decline in the number of M&A will boost demand and employment at a linger for a prolonged time. [...] 19 Global aerospace and defense sector outlook What has been the financial On the other hand, the top 20 US based The top 20 US based defense companies performance of the major A&D A&D companies’ revenues experienced reported a 5.1 percent growth in companies during the first nine a stronger growth of 2.9 percent to revenues during the nine months ending months of 2016? US$268.8 billion during the.

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