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Where Vision Takes Flight 2 0 2 1 A N

4 June 2021


Chief Financial Ocer & Treasurer and threats to the national sector and to strategize on how we could communicate our concerns to I also need to acknowledge the ongoing support Ex Ocio Members both the Federal Government as well as the and dedication of the Board of Directors. [...] today Indigenous peoples own masses of land and entitlements through Treaties and Aboriginal Right and Title and operate space in Despite the size and success of the aerospace industry in Manitoba, it all areas of business, industries and the private sector. [...] The institute facilitates positive leadership organization to learn how best to work with the community in a and relationships to support the growth and development of positive and proactive way. [...] 2020-2021 Key Accomplishments: Career Awareness Part of the mandate of Manitoba Aerospace is to ensure youth, parents, and educators are aware of the local aerospace/aviation industry and the educational pathways to the great careers available in the sector. [...] A proposal was submitted to the province to apply for The impact of COVID-19 and how we interact with each other will funding to allow for the students to return to Tec Voc in the Fall of probably be changed forever.

Manitoba Aerospace Association

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