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Changing the anti-trafficking terrain Based on the knowledge gained from the Alliance strengthening and research activities above, we sought to shape the anti-trafficking arena, and to some extent the civil society’s discourse around trafficking, migration, labour and gender, in a more inclusive direction. [...] Advocating for human rights centred policy change and discourse GOAL: To ensure that the protection of human rights will be central to the formulation of anti-trafficking and migration policies, and that they are designed and implemented with the full involvement of affected groups International Advocacy Campaign for a Review Mechanism to UNTOC Activities Advocacy at the 12th International Crime. [...] In collaboration with Members and allies, this will include: Increasing the knowledge of key human rights stakeholders on discriminatory practices which violate migrants’ rights; developing and sharing strategies for addressing discriminatory practices and improving the realisation of migrant rights; increasing the capacity of Member and allies to seek justice for trafficked persons and affected m. [...] REALISING RIGHTS GOAL: To have strong self-organised members2 that are: able to work for social change and the empowerment of affected groups; able to contribute to the Alliance's (IS and member organisations) understanding of trafficking, sex worker, migrant worker, domestic worker and women's rights issues; and able to contribute to civil society discourses on women's rights and empowerment. [...] Communications GOAL: To facilitate exchange of information through the use of various communication tools and to carry forward the voices and knowledge of Members, partners and affected groups at the local, regional and international level.

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

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