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Media Contacts: Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Yale Union Barbara Soulé Flint Jamison Communications Specialist President, Board of Directors

15 July 2020


As such, it focuses on strengthening Native arts, providing artists and the creative community with the resources and tools they need to be successful, and expanding awareness and access to Native knowledge and truth. [...] We honor and respect the elders past and present, and acknowledge the land that this building sits on and the previous Native tribes and peoples who inhabited the land. [...] I am eager to listen and learn from them as they use the land and historic building to fulfill their vision.” The new national headquarters for NACF will be called the Center for Native Arts and Cultures, and the property will continue to be a site of contemporary artistic and cultural production. [...] It will provide space to present and exhibit, places to practice culture and make art, and areas for cultural ceremony and celebration. [...] YALE UNION BACKGROUND Since opening in 2010, Yale Union has provided public programming and presented the work of hundreds of artists through the labor of its dedicated board and staff, and the incalculable support of its donors, volunteers, colleagues, and friends.


Native Arts and Cultures Foundation