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24 November 2020


1 MISSION STATEMENTmission The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation advances equity and cultural knowledge, focusing on the power of arts and collaboration to strengthen Native communities and promote positive social change with American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native peoples in the United States. [...] PURPOSE AND ROLE FOR NACF Research indicates that current funding and understanding of Native artists, organizations, and communities is insufficient to support Native arts and cultures, cater to the urgency of cultural revitalization, and address social justice and equity needs. [...] PRIORITY 4 EDUCATE PHILANTHROPY, STAKEHOLDERS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC ABOUT NATIVE PEOPLES, CULTURES, ARTS & HUMANITIES One of NACF’s founding purposes is “to educate the American public regarding Native arts and cultures.” NACF will combine its knowledge and expertise in the field of Native arts and cultures with other existing resources and research to increase access and reach of this informatio. [...] To present and promote Native generative narratives and increase educational efforts, NACF will: 4.a - Compile Research and Gather Information Review existing research in order to: • Conduct a study of Native arts and cultures that more broadly informs the field • Generate publications and materials to leverage social impact and learning • Co-produce and disseminate reports and findings that suppo. [...] Topics ranged from the urgent need to address race relations, the historical and contemporary misrepresentation, and mistreatment of Indigenous people, tribal and cultural sovereignty amidst systemic oppression, and the exploitation of the earth resulting in the immediacy of climate change.

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation