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APPENDIX – 8(R) UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS Research Regulations 2021 approved by the Board of Research Studies

6 July 2021


The Heads of the Departments of the University / Principals of the Affiliated Colleges / Directors of the Research Institutions shall certify that the selections are made on the basis of guidelines issued by the University. [...] Depending upon the nature of grievance, the Head of the Institution shall refer the complaint to the RAC or an appropriate grievance redressal committee in the institution and resolve the issue within 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint from the student. [...] programme may be terminated at any point of time on the recommendation of the Head of the Institution for the willful violation of the rules of the Institution or the Ph. [...] 14.12 The Supervisor shall conduct the viva-voce examination with the approval of the Head of the Institution and the external examiner under intimation to the University. [...] 14.15 A joint report of the Supervisor and the external examiner certifying that the candidate has successfully defended the thesis and carried out all the corrections suggested by the two external examiners along with the corrected copy of the thesis and the list of participants in the viva-voce examination shall be sent to the university on the same day or the next working day.