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RFQ2 - Construction and Rehabilitation of Water Supply Systems-Ntchisi HCFs (002)

22 July 2021


Format and Signing of Bid 8.1 The Bidder shall prepare one original of the documents comprising the Bid as described in Clause 3 of these Instructions to Bidders, bound with the volume containing the Bid Submission Form, and clearly marked "ORIGINAL." In addition, the Bidder shall submit two copies of the Bid, in the number specified in the BDS, and clearly marked as "COPIES." In the event of disc. [...] 9.2 The inner and outer envelopes shall: (a) be addressed to the Procuring Entity at the address provided in the BDS; (b) bear the name and procurement reference number of the Contract as defined in the BDS and SCC; and (c) provide a warning not to open except in the presence of the Internal Procurement Committee and not to be opened before the specified time and date for Bid opening as defined in. [...] Notification of Award and Signing of Agreement 16.1 The notification of award by the Procuring Entity to the Bidder will constitute the formation of the Contract, subject to the Bidder signing the Contract and furnishing the Performance Security required in the Bid Data Sheet. [...] If, in the Notice of Acceptance, the Procuring Entity has not agreed on the appointment of the Adjudicator, the Adjudicator shall be appointed by the Appointing Authority designated in the SCC at the request of either party. [...] When the mix has been approved, no variations shall be made in the proportions, the original source of cement and aggregate, or in the type, size and grading of the latter without the consent of the engineer who may require further tests to be made.