The 2021 Climate Survey: Evaluating Progress
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The 2021 Climate Survey: Evaluating Progress

14 October 2021


This report explores the results of the GSS 2021 Climate Survey, capturing the perceptions of hundreds of sustainability experts globally on climate progress and climate leadership, revealing how perceptions are changing and where progress is – or is not – perceived to be occurring. According to The 2021 Climate Survey by GlobeScan and the SustainAbility Institute, seventy percent of experts either believe it is unlikely that we will avert major damage from climate change or believe that major damage has already occurred. Only one in ten thinks major damage can be avoided. Three-quarters believe there has been minimal progress on advancing the Paris Agreement climate goals. These experts say national governments, the private sector, investors/analysts, and local governments all have important roles to play for making progress on the goals of the Paris Agreement. However, experts also believe that public pressure is essential, suggesting a lack of public understanding poses a significant threat to its effective implementation.

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