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FPDA@50: Growing Relevance Amid Regional Flux SYNOPSIS COMMENTARY Unpromising Beginnings

18 November 2021


The most significant transformation of the FPDA occurred in 2000 with the re- designation of the Integrated Air Defence System to the Integrated Area Defence System (IADS) to emphasise jointness and combined operations. [...] One feature of the webinar was the shared view of the participants that the FPDA is an integral part of the regional security architecture. [...] As the FPDA has little visibility within Singapore, it is useful to highlight the 3Rs that underpin Singapore’s commitment to the FPDA: • Remit: the FPDA is for the defence of Malaysia and Singapore. [...] An important takeaway from the exchanges among the participants of the five FPDA members is that the focus of the relationship will change to reflect changing times. [...] One advantage of the longevity of the FPDA is that the decision makers involved in its processes are familiar with one another, have a shared understanding of the objectives of the FPDA and also an awareness of the limits of cooperation.