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2021-Application-Form-and-Guide for 2022 intake

27 July 2021


Step 1: Before beginning the application process, read through the following criteria for ACTS students and determine your eligibility for the course: The selection criteria for ACTS students are: ¨ Student should be living and working within the boundaries of the Asia Pacific region ¨ Experience in participative learning methodology in the field of conflict transformation or related fields ¨ Will. [...] Fill in the following details: Name of the test Year of the test Score received Please attach photocopies of your results. [...] It uses the student’s own work place as the source of reflection and the basis for their thesis. [...] Please fill this form about how you intend to pay for the programme: OPTION 1: If your participation in the programme is to be paid for by your employer or another sponsoring agency, please ask a senior representative to fill in this section Name: Official Position: Organisation and Address: Endorsement: I undertake that, if the applicant is accepted on the ACTS programme, I will arrange for the p. [...] Why do you want to take part in the ACTS programme? What aspects of the programme are of particular interest to you? 2.