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Conflict Trends, Issue 2, 2021

30 Jun 2021

Rethinking South Sudan’s path to democracy, discusses the peace process and the developments in South Sudan to form a democratic state. The crisis of Ethiopian foreign relations: From ‘imperfect hegemon’ to occupied state, covers the state of Ethiopia’s foreign relations and policy towards neighbouring countries. This article: Implications of emerging technologies on peace and security in Africa, explores significant trends and the implications of emerging technologies for peace and conflict in Africa. Ignoring the roots of Mozambique’s war in a push for military victory, is highlighting the civil war in Mozambique and the insurgency and human rights violations taking place in Cabo Delgado. This article: The Economic Community of Central African states and conflicts in the region, seeks to evaluate the performance of ECCAS against the backdrop of the protocol that established it. Such periodic evaluations help African leaders, political players and other concerned groups, especially within the region, to better understand their challenges and what to modify, strengthen, adopt or expunge to make the regional body more effective. This article: GADAA as an alternative understanding of democracy in Africa, focusses on Africa’s place in the history of democracy. The Gadaa system of governance is genuinely African and could provide solutions for some of the political challenges African states face today.
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