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COUNTRY DASHBOARD 2018 Zambia Zambia

30 Apr 2019

It identifies SUN MOVEMENT a wide range of desired results and associated indicators of progress across eight THEORY OF CHANGE domains in which the SUN Movement seeks to catalyze change and deliver nutrition impact. [...] Based on the data, Zambia is progressing relatively well with Joined the SUN Movement in 2010 strong performance in the enabling environment, finance for nutrition and uptake of Population 17,094,000 breastfeeding, as well as moderate performance in legislation. [...] Zambia Enabling Environment As stakeholders from different sectors come together to build an enabling environment for improving nutrition, it results in a multi-stakeholder platform, functioning networks of nutrition actors, progress in the SUN Movement processes, integration of nutrition in development plans and improved nutrition information systems. [...] INDICATOR SCORE DATA SOURCE SUN MEDIAN Bringing people together 1.1 Existence of a Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) Yes JAA 2018 Yes 1.2 Number of networks (UN, business, donor, civil society) 4 JAA 2018 3 A) UN Network Functionality Index (out of 6) 4 UNN 2018 5 B) SUN Business Network Functionality Index (out of 5) 5.05 SBN 2018 0 C) SUN Civil Society Network Functionality Index (out of 6) 6 CSN. [...] INDICATOR SCORE DATA SOURCE SUN MEDIAN 4.1 International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes Many WHO 2018 Many (level of implementation) provisions 4.2 Maternity Protection Legislation Partial ILO 2013 Partial 4.3 Right to Food Legislation (level of constitutional recognition) Weak FAO 2017 Moderate 4.4 Restrictions on Marketing of Food/Beverages to Children Not achieved WHO 2017 Not achi.
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