cover image: COVID 19 Vaccine Perceptions: A 15 country study


COVID 19 Vaccine Perceptions: A 15 country study

21 Mar 2021

The aim of this study is to investigate public knowledge and perceptions of both the COVID-19 pandemic itself and COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among adults (aged 18 years and above) in 15 African countries. This study and its findings will help identify knowledge gaps, beliefs and attitudes that can help inform Africa CDC as well as other immunization stakeholders in their strategies for supporting the roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines in the continent. Countries covered: Northern Africa region: Morocco and Tunisia; Eastern Africa region: Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda; Central Africa region: Gabon and DR Congo; Southern Africa region: South Africa and Malawi; Western Africa region: Nigeria, Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Senegal. The study was conducted by ORB International in collaboration with the Vaccine Confidence Project™ at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine on behalf of Africa CDC, who funded this study with additional support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
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