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Cameroon - Joined: February 2013

30 October 2014


The analysis of existing texts on nutrition has been The multi-stakeholder platform is in the development completed and shows that nutrition is well integrated stage, the focal point has been designated and in key sectors: water and sanitation, agriculture, food the participants, identified but not yet appointed, and nutrition security (National Agricultural Investment continue to be immersed in t. [...] policy and strategy for food security actions and the implementation of the National Food Security Program. [...] The terms of reference the Presidency of the Republic recently requested and a work program has been developed, which includes the Government to establish a National program for seeking equity capital. [...] Aligning actions around Financial Tracking a Common Results Framework and resource mobilization The common results framework has not yet been The costing of the plan can only be achieved once developed as the multi-sector action plan has not been the multi-sector action plan is complete. [...] While there is no specific budget line for nutrition, the share of the budget allocated to From the perspective of the programs, direct interventions nutrition by the sector ministries is stable.

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