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17 Sep 2019

The Nutrition CPs consistently followed up with government on update on Implementation of the Nutrition Advocacy strategy that targets some policies and regulatory frameworks such as the Food and Nutrition Bill, the National Food and Nutrition Strategy Plan 2017-2021 and actualization of the Commitment from the Nutrition Summit to provide $40 per under five child per year for nutrition services. [...] The strategy provides a road map to achieving the SBN objectives Contributions to Process 2 Ensuring a coherent policy and legal framework - The SUN business network operates within the confines of the nutrition and nutrition related policies and the existing legal frameworks to ensure that adequate nutrition is promoted, protected and supported by private sector and government players. [...] 41 2019 Joint-Assessment by the multi-stakeholder platform Zambia Key contributions of the UN towards the SUN Movement strategic objectives in 2018-2019 Contributions to Process 1 Bringing people together in the same space for action - The UN Network has played major role in influencing the government to improve funding to nutrition in the country - Expand coverage of high impact nutrition specifi. [...] Nutrition CPs/donors and SUN UN networks get involved in providing technical, financial and material support 50 2019 Joint-Assessment by the multi-stakeholder platform Zambia Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls Is gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls seen as a priority in the work of the multi-stakeholder platform? 1. [...] the Ministry of Gender, Department of Gender in Development If not a part of the multi-stakeholder platform, how do you engage with this Ministry or Department? Please explain: N/A Though the participation of the Ministry of Gender in MCDP 1 was limited the role of the Ministry is integral in the nutrition programme because it anchors the mandate for empowerment of women and girls.
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