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11 November 2021


Hence, the remainder of this chapter will: (a) seek to clarify the term “integration” and provide an overview of the conceptual and definitional problems related to the concept of integration; (b) establish the analytical framework for this study, as well as specify the study’s purposes and the variables to be investigated; and (c) present the general outline of this research. [...] If the present international scene is conceived of as a series of interacting and mingling national environments, and in terms of their participation in international organizations, then integration would describe the process of increasing inter- action and the mingling so as to obscure the 7 REGIONAL INTEGRATION: boundaries between the system of international organizations and the environment pro. [...] Progress and the level of interdependence in the elite category will be determined by such social transactions as the number of college students from ASEAN countries studying in the region compared with outside the region and the number of visitors from the region compared with visitors from outside the region. [...] But since the establishment of the “ASEAN Central Secretariat” in 1976, the name “ASEAN National Secretariat” has been changed to “O#ce of the Director-General, ASEAN - (name of member country).” Finally, the ASEAN Secretariat is the central body aimed at providing greater e#ciency in the coordination of ASEAN machinery and e"ective implementation of ASEAN projects and activities. [...] !e scope of this chapter includes a brief survey of ASEAN’s economies, an analysis of the region’s economic progress, a discussion of actions undertaken by the member countries with the goal of enhancing their development and industrialization, consideration of the economic role of the private sector, and, in conclusion, an overview of the obstacles to complete economic integration faced by ASEAN.



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