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Scientists for People Critique of Final Enquiry Report on

18 June 2021


At the time of the explosion the process in progress was a physical operation to dissolve AIPAU in methanol at ambient temperature in preparation for recrystallization of AIPAU. [...] We confine our critique to the main conclusion of the report on the cause of the fire and explosion and then give our understanding of what could have happened. [...] For significant quantity of methanol vapours to accumulate in the room what is the source of heat? There is no evidence for the accumulation of methanol vapours in the room. [...] If there was indeed such high level of 2 methanol in the air in the clean room, the workers in the room could not have tolerated the irritation odour of methanol. [...] Also there is no data available or observations made in the plant on the heat of solution of AIPAU in methanol to check the possibility of methanol temperature increase.