cover image: PB  12/2021 - Enhancing Competitiveness of Seaweed  Industry in Zanzibar


PB 12/2021 - Enhancing Competitiveness of Seaweed Industry in Zanzibar

8 Jun 2021

Fluctuations in seaweed production are associated with the monopsonic nature of the seaweed market which involves Se aweed production control of the market by the multinational companies, and Th e global seaweed industry is estimated to be worth by the prevalence of the die-offs problem brought about by 6 billion dollars per annum (FAO, 2018). [...] Low value addition growth Before the initiation of the Zanzibar Seaweed Cluster Conclusively, Zanzibar fetches lower seaweed export Initiative in 2006, most of the seaweed exported was prices compared to other top producers in the world. [...] Export value (USD) Export volume (tons) Limited seaweed distribution channel a roadmap and action plans for a competitive and The seaweed trade of Zanzibar relies mostly on the sustainable development of the seaweed industry. [...] In so doing, seaweed producers will be enabled to come up Conclusion and recommendations with better quantity and quality of seaweed produce, Notwithstanding huge potential provided by the seaweed essential in promoting sustainability and industry in the Zanzibar economy, it is still not fully competitiveness of the industry. [...] The Strategy are essential for identifying prospects, government is more likely to harness huge dividend from challenges, and policy actions needed to tap the the industry if and only if the seaweed industry is opportunities in the seaweed industry.



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