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2 - Climate Change Impacts on Canadian National Security - Simon Dalby and Leah Lawrence

10 November 2021


Each thematic Over the years, Leah has served on many corporate area was supported by senior officials from the and non-profit boards, including serving as Government of Canada, designated as “senior president of the Ottawa chapter of the International government liaisons.” They provided input and Women’s Forum, the chair of the Calgary Chamber ideas to the discussions of the working group and of. [...] In a perverse way, the recent → Finally, this report urges an integrated review of COVID-19 pandemic, and the national and global the rapidly changing context of national security, response to it, has underlined the importance of emphasizing the effects of climate change and such an effort. [...] New infrastructure for intelligence In addition to the need for a reframing of the gathering and stronger and wider partnerships policy approach to climate change and national for communication and coordination across security, the roles of responders must also be intelligence, security and diplomatic organizations reassessed. [...] Coming out of the pandemic, and building on Climate Change and the work of the United Kingdom, Australia and Adaptation Strategies other NATO allies, the time is right for Canada to undertake its own integrated review of its Looming over all of this is the question of diplomatic, security and intelligence organizations. [...] the Department of National Defence is the largest user of energy and the largest emitter of emissions The creation of a NATO Centre of Excellence in in the federal government (ibid., 7).



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