cover image: Research Brief - In Jordan’s Refugee Crisis, Resilience 
 and Solidarity


Research Brief - In Jordan’s Refugee Crisis, Resilience 
 and Solidarity

3 Sep 2020

They found some answers—worries about the “A consensus had started to emerge about the expense of supporting refugees, or the drivers of attitudes toward immigrants and influence of a foreign religion—but this effort refugees, based on studies in Western has largely overlooked the developing countries. [...] What is happening in places where they the West, especially in countries where the have arrived in much larger numbers, and number of refugees is often larger and where where there are fewer resources to support economic conditions are generally worse.” them? Hardship and Hospitality Consider Jordan, where Syrian refugees now make up more than 7 percent of the country’s For policymakers working to. [...] And country, how they feel about the refugees Jordanians more likely to experience the themselves, and whether they wanted Jordan economic strain of the refugee crisis were to scale back its support for refugees. [...] The researchers also asked respondents to compare pairs of refugee profiles and choose • Those more likely to work in the private the one whom they would prefer be admitted sector rather than for the government held to Jordan. [...] of goodwill and humanitarian concern, residents of the host country can, as in Across all refugee profiles, by far the most Jordan, be invaluable allies in the effort to penalized were those from a minority support refugees.
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