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2022 OUTLOOK: Special Edition - New Year Projections from ELIAMEP’s experts

30 December 2021


France, which bears part of the responsibility for the serious blows dealt to the region's European perspective, is taking over the presidency of the Council of the EU shortly before crucial presidential elections in the country. [...] Despite the ongoing crises in The continuing backsliding in the protection afforded the right to asylum by numerous our part of the member states, and the tolerance shown to push backs and extreme measures adopted world, the number by member states in dealing with a small number of people who need help, benefits of asylum only the EU's populists and nationalists. [...] In relation to the Ukraine crisis, Russia has shown itself willing to keep tensions high, testing the credibility of the US and the internal cohesion of the EU while also exposing the limits of the Atlantic Alliance. [...] In the medium Public debt, inflation, and the supply chain term, the question is how to achieve Another legacy of the pandemic is the sharp increase in public debt, to 99% of GDP in the necessary the Euro Area as a whole (and to 206% of GDP in Greece). [...] The decisions on decarbonization and the retirement of lignite units, the just transition plan including sound investments for the local societies affected, the spread of Renewable Energy Sources, and the priority given to the green transition in the recovery plan, are all undoubtedly positive developments.