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COUNTRY STUDY MOROCCO - Social Rights Monitor

9 Aug 2018

are still needed especially regarding the lack of transparency and the presence of clientelism which As the informal economy is so widespread, it is dif- impede the realization of the full potential of the ficult to provide a comprehensive understanding of different policies already in place. [...] Since the adoption of the Constitution in 2011 guaranteeing freedom of association and peaceful assembly, civil society has become larger, more dynamic and has brought some progress in terms of human rights promotion and rule of law consol- idation.¹⁰ The reforms that followed have resulted in a more enabling environment for civil society with the expansion of its role in policy-making and in the. [...] The waves of arrests that followed the demonstrations in the Rif in May 2017¹² are seen as a breach of the rights to peaceful assembly and association. [...] ipatory approach to civil society organizations to • To organize collective bargaining regularly and reinforce the trust between the government, the systematically, including representatives of EU and the civil society. [...] training to make up for the lack of health care staff (matching education with the needs of the It is in the interests of the EU to support the Mo- market) and establishing an assessment mon- roccan government in implementing appropriate itoring mechanism in order to provide solutions social policies.
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