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11 January 2022


dots: we can’t level-up and build back wide plan that puts the climate crisis level up struggling parts of the country better from the pandemic without a plan and people’s living standards at the top The past year and a half of the pandemic without facing up to our biggest tackle the climate crisis. [...] And yet commitments to cutting our emissions the past, with increased inequality and for the last decade, the benefits of growth fast mean that the economy will have to climate disaster across the globe. [...] And now it’s Green New Deal will likely need to total bold solution that recognises that the back on the agenda, both here and in The Committee on Climate Change at least 2% of GDP during the 2020s, climate crisis is a symptom of a broken the US.  (CCC) estimates a total cost of between starting with a stimulus package of at economic system. [...] Just transition contributed least to the crisis are often principles must apply throughout the paying the highest price – and across the supply chain, considering the impact world, this means the poorest people and of increased resource extraction communities of colour are bearing the on workers, communities, and the brunt.  environment beyond our borders (Powering the just transition, 2021). [...] The UK needs to recognise that as one of the main beneficiaries of the • Use the UK’s Cop26 presidency fossil-fuel age and one of the main role leading up to Cop27 in 2022 to contributors to the climate crisis, we secure much greater public finance have a larger responsibility to mitigate it.