SE - From Defensive to Assertive Social Democracy
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SE - From Defensive to Assertive Social Democracy

21 January 2022


The ‘Third Way’ of the British Labour Party, The answer to the paradox is that the logic the Neue Mitte of the German SPD, the Italian of politics is the logic of power, not that of the Partito Democratico, the US New Democrats, coherence of arguments. [...] When the financial crisis struck Greece and some other member states, the con- What remains to be done at the level of ideas is, ditions imposed by the EU, the European Central not just to lay bare the internal contradictions of Bank (ECB) and the IMF (the so-called ‘Troika’) neoliberalism, but to demonstrate that some of marked a return to the simple-minded neoliber- its own stated objectives cou. [...] But popular discontent with The main aims of the labour market sections of some of the outcomes of actually existing neo- the conditions were to expose workers to the liberalism may soon create conditions in which full force of global labour-market competition, dominant elites are required to face the possibil- requiring the country to compete on low prices ity of compromise. [...] First, the idea, so dominant liberalism has already squandered its potential in the 1990s and 2000s, that the Anglo-American among women through its rejection of the social shareholder-maximization firm provides the best agenda and public services that reconciliation possible form of capitalism needs severe re- of life in the market and in the home requires. [...] As the only major political Also, a commitment to seeking diversity in force not completely committed to the corporate organizational forms needs also to check the neoliberal model, it is up to social democrats to now almost universal assumption of contem- explore the scope for both new and historical porary policy makers that the quality of public forms of delivery of services of this kind.