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FOREI GN policy IS CLIMATE policy

24 March 2021


The analysis, results, and recommendations in this report represent the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily representative of the position of any of the partner organizations. [...] HUIYAO (HENRY) Once the right political window opens in WANG is the Founder and Washington, China and the United States should President of the Center seize the chance to foreground climate change for China and Globalization in the bilateral relationship. [...] The current adminis- in the world the ability to set its own goals to tration chose to upset the Paris table, taking prevent a 2°C increase in global temperature advantage of domestic politics to legitimize its by the end of the century.8 The agreement is hawkish approach internationally. [...] As the reigning legal in character and contains provisions for superpower, the United States could afford to reviewing the NDCs every year to move the shun moral high ground and adopt positions that cumulative contributions closer to the goal of give primacy to the market over the state.13 This limiting temperature increases.9 However, the position may yet be altered when the country’s NDCs are of. [...] In the 1980s and 90s, the idea of the United States emerging not just as the United States was referred to as the Saudi a large energy producer, but also as a large export- Arabia of coal as it had a quarter of world coal er of energy, particularly of oil and gas.21 reserves, the largest in the world.26 In 2000, when Producers of gas from shale plays are highly coal accounted for roughly 50 percen.



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