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Public-Private Engagement in enhancing observation – opportunities and challenges Eizi Toyoda (Dr./Mr.), Japan Meteorological Agency

13 November 2020


JMA’s Weather Information • It is necessary to understand the characteristics and to evaluate data Quality Control and Products quality in order to use them in JMA’s products. [...] JMA started a pilot study to investigate the possibility of use of observation data from networks operated by private companies in JMA’s weather monitoring and forecasting operations. [...] network network rainfall product Observation data Private JMA company More accurate and detailed information • Increased consistency between government's disaster management actions and those of private sector For the private sector, it helps clarify the rationale for disaster management actions and enhance accountability. [...] network Purpose: Purpose: Purpose: Water management for rivers and dams Detailed monitoring of local weather conditions Weather monitoring Transportation infrastructure management Evacuation decisions and disaster countermeasures Quality Control Quality Control in JMA JMA has been collecting MLIT and municipal rainfall data since the 2000s. [...] Pilot study to investigate the possibility of use of private companies’ observation data JMA obs.