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Synthesis Report on circular economy in Italy 2022

4 April 2022


The result, given an extractive system that is often already beyond the This is why today it is essential to stress the physical limit of the ecosystems, was a difficulty in importance of the decoupling of the economic the supply, that resulted in an inflationary spiral. [...] growth and the consumption of virgin raw materials, as the strategic key objective of circular The problem that characterized the growth in economy and of the European Green Deal. [...] transition towards circular consumption and The data contained in this Report show that the production patterns is an increasing need, not most relevant difficulties in the economy in Italy only to ensure ecological sustainability, but also to (as well as in other countries) are related to ensure the robustness of the recovery, the stability policies that underestimated the potential and of the de. [...] In the area of urban waste (10% of the overall amount of waste produced in the EU), the recycling target is 55% in 2025, 60% in 2030, and 65% in 2035. [...] of production processes: facilitating the industrial symbiosis; developing regenerative bioeconomy; promoting the employment of digital technologies for The ranking of the five major EU economies the traceability of resources; increasing the use of green technologies; supporting circularity with a change in the Directive on industrial emissions and the definition of BAT; promoting circularity in S.